Sunday, December 19, 2010

And Still it Rains.

Since it began a couple of days ago we have now had 114 mls ( about 4.5 inches ) and still it rains. Enough already! To start with the garden and orchard was loving it but now as often happens in the bay of plenty we need it to stop. Time off from the orchard was good to start with but we will now be getting so far behind with our work. my new beans are now green and growing rapidly as are the weeds, grass and everything else.
 My sister and her partner have been here for  short visit and it rained the whole time. Didn't matter and the guys went for a short orchard walk with umbrellas during a lull this morning. We decide to go out for lunch before they headed back South.We went to the closest place to eat( The quarry ) ,then made a dash through the wet. They were busy but we all enjoyed our rather large lunch.( just a snack for dinner tonight I think )
Here are the starters we shared between 4.
 I then had snapper, R and D had fish chowder and R had scallop salad.
Very nice and lovely with new potatoes instead of chips!
 It's a while since we ate out and the service was great.. ( we probably won't bother going out again on Thursday  for our Wedding Anniversary, as it is always at an awkward time of year ( that won't change ) and if it is fine by then we will be working overtime to catch up. Someone said it might rain every day till Christmas...imagine that!
We are having a lovely lazy afternoon. I am catching up on my blog reading and correspondence.


Jennifer said...

It's raining for you and also raining for us.....not right at this minute, but looks as though it will start again any minute wishes for your anniversary on Thursday!

julieQ said...

Rain, rain, rain!! Hope it stops short of a flood for you!

Pam said...

Send us some rain, please. In return, could I offer you some snow? Lots of it?

I LOVE that heart quilt!

Meggie said...

We are promised a wet Xmas day, but wont matter. My relies in Tga are tired of all the wet too.
Happy Anniversary for tomorrow.