Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mrs. Blackbird.

Mrs Blackbird has made a nest in the grape vine beside the house. She is a real opportunist. My strawberry bed is covered with netting but she stands beside it or on it and reaches her beck in to peck any strawberries within reach. She got the small one in the middle of the bowl.
Her very rapidly built untidy  nest.( took only about 48 hours to build )

 It is too high up for me to see in but I thought it would have eggs so I held the camera as high as I could and took this photo. So 3 eggs at least.


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Blackbirds have taken over the dove cote - which is a good thing! Such fun to watch the baby birds jump out of the nest - I am sure they must be males who are taking these risks while the parents are off gathering worms. They have given us hours of delight watching them.

Love Leanne

Jennifer said...

Mrs Blackbird is very cheeky, stealing strawberries!

Shirley Goodwin said...

I live in an A-frame, and it's the tallest house around here. As a result, I have a bevy of birds that live on top of my roof, and nest up there in odd places.

loulee said...

Pesky black birds!
It's good to see the next generation is on the way though.

Meggie said...

I do so enjoy reading your blog, Ali. I have been so busy with appointments for a very sick Gom, that I have not had time to read or post.