Thursday, December 30, 2010

Promises of Things to Come.

My waterlily in the big blue bowl has 3 buds at once so promises a good display. Probably not today as it is overcast.
The grape vine has a  good number of bunches which are sizing up well.

The persimmon tree has lots of fruit set - this is how they look just after the flower petals have dropped.

Tuesday was wet so I got lots done. Annabel would be pleased with me....inspires by my new book I made the walnut, pear and avocado salad ( having  to buy only the cheese and pears ). I also made another Christmas cake and loaf, more fruit mince pies   and focaccia bread. I needed to stock up just in case more visitors arrive..
Otherwise things are boring with us working under the kiwifruit vines every fine day.  We are slowly getting it done.


Jennifer said...

Your water lily will be lovely when it's blooming! They are so pretty.

Suzy said...

Mmmm - that all sounds really yummy!

Hope you and R had a great Christmas and I wish you both a wonderful New Year ...

Meggie said...

Here is hoping 2011 will be wonderful for you!
Look forward to seeing the gorgeous Lilly pics when they bloom.
I have never seen a persimmon growing, so was intrigued to see this pic.