Saturday, September 01, 2012

Embroidery and Chocolates and Discoveries.

I'll start with the discoveries. Threaten your PC and tell it it is about to be usurped by a laptop. Then give it the tune up of it's life. Even get out it's manual ( HP -  PC troubleshooting and maintenance Guide ) and do all the maintenance jobs it can possibly do. Dump the shortcut icon for blogger on the desk top and get into Blogger via the internet search engine and replace it with a new icon.
 Spend the whole evening on the couch with the laptop and do research. Read everything on Bloggers Help. Read everything on Picasa's sites. Realise that everything that happens with Picasa , be it buying more storage or deleting photos on your blog  takes 24 hours to take effect.
So today by deleting many photos and some entire blogs from 2006 and 2007 yesterday  I seem to have freed up some storage space! Yippee. Yes, Pam  thanks I am now only uploading small ( resized ) photos. ( I do have a photo programme that will crop and resize to 2 smaller sizes ) ( I wish I had known about the storage limit way back when I started out - I am not sure photos were being stored on Picasa then? A lot has changed on Blogger since 2006 ) I feel a little better informed - it is always good to know more ( especially if you are me - a need to know person. )

See that yummy photo at the top. It is a Thank you gift from the Pack house - for being so obliging about the audits! Ha ha. It is a lovely gift and was so beautifully  packaged ( all recyclable ). In it's own little black paper carry bag with red tissue paper spilling out the top with  wrappers and information. A local NZ product I didn't know about.  Yum yum yum. ( that's for you Isabelle ) It was made at Chocolate Brown in Warkworth. Ours was the praline selection.( all good so far - just starting the second layer - only 16 chocs all up )

 Now back to the embroidery from last week. Christine Knowles and several other had made these fabric pieces where bits are burnt away.

 Laurie has some photos of what she liked on her blog.
 This box was my favourite - by the same person
 Faye's Poppies were very modern using tinfoil over sewn.

 Finally what about this quilt. ( not really my colour but the story behind it is mind boggling.)
 I like how it was displayed. It is a bears paw pattern made by hand by Florence Mainwaring between 1994 and 2012. It is entirely hand pieced made using paper stencils and scissors ( no rotary cutter ) and is all hand quilted. For her grand daughter Joanne. That is dedication in this day and age but she love stitching so I understand her delight in making it. ( time must be a factor )
  The first day of Spring here in BOP New Zealand is superb. I must get back out there!
I hope you  have a happy weekend!
* Something which has been making me laugh on the blogs that still require verification is the way spell checker pops up and underlines the garbled letters with a red line as a spelling mistake!


Jennifer said...

Ooooo, chocolates - yummo! Like you, I really like the Bear's Paw quilt although they aren't my colours either. The other pieces are interesting!

Janice said...

Those chocs have me salivating. Do enjoy. Don't you just love technology!!! Lets hope you get it sorted and what creative stitching.

Isabelle said...

My PC wouldn't log me on to Blogger either. Eventually I Googled Blogger and clicked on the having-trouble-logging-on? thing - as I assume you did too. Much grrrring had taken place by then...