Monday, July 30, 2012

Bags .

Last Friday at my patchwork group ladies who had made bags at my Bucket bag tote class came along very proudly with their finished bags for Show and Tell. Some had gone on to make a second bag, since the class. Note in the photo N had attached using a brooch pin a fabric flower near the base of a handle. It can be removed or changed for another if she likes.
The weather here today is very wet. Over night there were high winds taking the power out. It is an inside day.
 Watching Olympics has been taking up quite a few hours each day. I have been hand sewing while I view. I have been chain stitching around the pentagons on the latest felt ball. New Zealand is doing quite well so far especially in the rowing. A new world record in the heats suggests even faster times in the final. GO NZ!
Now I have some questions.
Am I being a bit slow here or is something different going on with blog photos? I keep getting told in the last few days  I have used up all my storage space and need to buy more. Do I? In order to put even one photo up today I had to go back to a previous post and delete a photo.
 Are all the rest of you paying for storage space?      Is it done on a yearly basis as it sounds? Or is it that I have been blogging since 2006 and really have used up all my storage allowance?
OR is this something new?. ( I need advice here please. )


katney said...

I have been blogging since 2007 and have not yet used up my free storage, but I do compress images so that the files are not as large. If you load yours in high resolution, then you would use more. We have 1GB of free hosting. Go to and check your albums there. That is where our blog images are hosted if we don't do something specifically different.

There havebeen some discrepancies in the calculations lately, and different bloggers have found that they could upload an image to the post but not to the header, and some vice versa, so I believe the engineers are checking into what is happening.

If you have actually used your full 1GB, you can pay for additional storage or use another service if there is one that is free. The upload process is a little different but once you got used to it it would become second nature I am sure. I have just been investigating loading from a photobucket image for an 80 year old blogger who was convinced that it couldn't be done..

katney said...

And the bags are awesome.

Jennifer said...

My blog has been up since 2008 and I don't seem to have exceeded my limit - I think it depends on the file size of your photos. Bigger file size means better quality pictures but it uses the allotted space quicker. That's an interesting selection of bags!

Ali Honey said...

Thanks Katney and Jennifer. I have been doing quite a lot of research on the subject and at this stage I am going to just remove some photos from older posts and see how long that lasts me.
From now on I will compress all photos before posting them and only put in a few with each post.

Nancy J said...

I do my blog in live Writer and then send to blogger,Before this I edited all my photos, did a "compress to web page", before inserting, but as I have not been on blogger as long, will not have as many photos, but I know others who have had the same trouble. Hope you can sort out the system. Cheers, Jean