Monday, March 04, 2013

Fabulous Wedding.

On Friday our younger son married the love of his life at Mills Reef Winery. The day was clear, calm  and very hot ( 31degrees C ).The bride was absolutely radiant as I guessed she would  be. So beautiful!
 You know I won't be putting up all the family photos here.  I was not able to take the usual photos( being the Groom's Mother ), so only have a few I took when I could sneak the camera out of my bag. There was of course an official photographer.  I would like to share some of the parts that  made it an unforgettably wonderful 2 days.
 The bride made wedding favours for the lady guests herself, a pair of wine glass identifiers and the men got 3 Makana chocolates.
 Here are mine up close.
 I got the hairdresser to take a photo of her work on my hair. The flower indicates the colour I was wearing.
 I also had my make up done by a professional - a first for me. Really pampered!
 The food served was very yummy.  Firstly drinks ( including lots of water on such a hot day ) and  different canapés were brought out while guests were mingling and family photos were being taken, then later inside in the air conditioned restaurant this was the menu from which the  guest could choose.
 I had the Kikorangi ( cheese ) , caramelised pear and walnut tart with petite salad,(very very nice, ) followed by the Fish . I loved the grispy sticky rice balls with it.
  For dessert it was an easy decision as I love lemon puddings, so had the Lemon Trio  ( a tiny cheese cake; a brulee and best of all a lemon / lime sorbet .( we all want the recipe for that! )
 During the proceedings both the Mothers were given a lovely bouquet of flowers. Here are mine.
The following day we had a big BBQ at our place - that's why I was toiling to get the garden looking neat and tidy. I did dessert and extra salads but for the main eating we called in these guys. Big Smoke BBQ
 They cooked chicken, steak and a selection of sausages and prepared 3 different salads. It was all set out on trestles in the shed (to the left). I didn't get the opportunity to count  how many folk finally turned up ( as I was busy )  but it was probably 70 - 80. ranging in age from 79 to lots of babies ( who all behaved wonderfully despite the heat ) We had a baby corner on rugs and quilts under a big tree.

There were trees and big umbrellas on the deck out to the right of this photo.
 My banner got hung on the clothes line along with balloons - but the heat popped them within an hour.
 The porterloo didn't get a lot of use as toilet # 3 but for peace of mind it was worth having  it. Country water supplies have been known to fail in the past especially when folk get impatient.( not this time )
 What a busy but wonderful time we have all had. Folk from  9 countries of the world travelled to be with our young ones on their special day. They have some awesome friends.  Nothing really went wrong, the weather was too kind, everyone was happy, the planning had been amazing.We are very blessed and we get along with the new in- laws very, very easily and have become good friends over the past couple of years. Maybe I will share some more photos when I get some.

 Probably we will get back to normal work tomorrow - a bit of a come down after such excitement.
 We wouldn't mind some serious rain now. We actually got 1 1/4 mls last night but the wind today as long since dried that up. So glad it kept the wind till today!


MandaBurms said...

I thought of you on Saturday - and hoped the day wasn't too hot for you up there. Everything looked liked it worked out just perfect. Wishing your son and bride many years of love, luck, health, and happiness.
Love Leanne

Jennifer said...

What a lovely day you all had! Love the colour you wore, it suits your hair very well. Your Big BBQ must have been fun too.....the Big Smoke BBQ looks like a steam train. It might have been hot, but at least it didn't pour rain.

Molly said...

What a perfect day! Your hair was lovely, gorgeous flowers, co-operative weather and a beautiful bride.....

Deb said...

Your hair looks lovely and what a lovely colour your outfit was. What a stunning cake and yummy menu. What a beautiful family weekend you had, such wonderful memories.

Bubble said...

Congratulations Ali, it looked like a lovely day. The weather was certainly warm enough. I would love to see a pic of the bride and groom. Also loved your hair pic. I really love that colour beautiful. Love to all Sal xxxx

Nicky said...

It all looks perfect! Glad to hear the couple had a wonderful day, the flowers and cake look amazing too! Love the hair do, you wore a very pretty colour.....what a shame you have to go back to work now.

Nicky x

PS Hope you get some decent rain soon....

Thimbleanna said...

I know just how you feel - you'll have a smile on you all week - wedding weekends are just awesome. It sounds lie you had a fantastic time - YAY! Your hair looks wonderful!!!

Sooziii said...

Big congratulations! Everything looked beautiful and I love the colour you chose ... it suits you perfectly.

Laurie said...

I am so pleased things went to plan ... I hope it was not to hot .. your hair looked lovely. Looking forward to a picture or two. hugs Laurie

Ali Honey said...

Thanks friends for all your comments. The official photos are not yet available but I will share direct to you when I get some good ones.