Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Weekend.

Hello Bloggy friends, I trust your Easter weekend is going well. Who knew that monarch butterflies liked saffron (or nectar at least) out of Autumn crocuses?

Every Easter lately we have been to the Rotary Used Book Sale. This morning we  went again. WE also contribute books to the sale.
 Here is what I purchased. They were quite a bit cheaper than last year. R also got 7 books.
I can't tell you about any of the books yet, but will if I enjoy them. The magazines are so cheap at 10 quilting ones for $1.
 What I am reading at the moment is "The Dovekeepers," by Alice Hoffman.
 Set in 71 AD when people had to flee Jerusalem from the Roman attack. They trudged the mostly barren desert to live in the castle atop the high hill at Masada.  Their story is told by 4 different women during the days of their seige. I am 3/4s of the way through the book and am compelled to find out what happens although I know almost all perish.
I have made a tiny bit more progress with my quilt. Just a couple of rows.
 We have been busy putting in the firewood,. 2 full truck loads in the shed now. We harvested all the white Niagara grapes on Thursday and made most into juice.
We kept the best to eat.
  We have both been cooking as we are getting together with family members tomorrow at Waihi Beach
 Yesterday R made us a little treat.( here's my half )  It took him ages but was very tasty.
 Hot buttered chestnuts off our tree.
 This an up close of one of the very pretty carnations I was given as a thank you gift last week.
 There were 13 or 14 different colours, some singles, some spray carnations. Not much smell though. They were partly in bud when the arrived, beautifully and carefully packaged, so they will last for some time.
 Easter Greetings to you All! Stay safe. Be happy.


MargaretR said...

A Happy Easter to you and your family too Ali. I dare not go to a book sale :)

Ali Honey said...

There is one thing Mags, You are limited by what you can carry. That's when we both give up and go and pay for our lot and go home!

Meggie said...

Almost forgot it was Easter. Life is so different to what it once was.
Glad you got such bargains for books. I don't seem to be able to read anything these days, and have just been looking at my 'to read' pile in my headboard bookcase, and concluded I need to just give up, and clean them all out.
Hope you had a lovely Easter.