Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gentle Raindrops.

Whoever thought we would be making a fuss about some gentle misty rain.......but we are! Overnight we got 6 mls and right now some further sprinkles. The weather forecast said we could expect rain on Sunday...but we don't mind how soon it arrives. This gentle drizzly rain will prepare the parched earth for heavier rain if we get it. I hope other parts of NZ are being as lucky as us. 
 Personally I am glad for it means a day off from the orchard - a catch up day - maybe even a sewing day (I did do a little last weekend.)
 See the raindrops on these beauties. R has just picked 7 and is applying the blow torch ( to get the skins off ) to them right make capsicum and cashew dip. Yum! 
 The recipe said 6 but one is damaged on the back so needed using, so 1 extra. We have a bumper crop.
 This morning I stayed in bed  till after 7 cause it was raining, but when I got up I looked out the office window and saw Miss Polly and her 2 teenagers peaking things in the garden.
 This is not a good photo...but I grabbed my camera without my glasses on to try and get the shot.
 It is blurry when I enlarge it so please excuse poor photo. I wanted to show you the size the 2 baby peacocks have grown to.
 Hoping to get closer I rushed outside in my nightwear without my glasses but to no avail they dashed down the bank and hid.

I was impressed with this container a vox box ( NZ made! ) that my flowers came in. It is a brilliant idea as flowers no longer have to survive out of water after the florist has arranged them.
 The card board outer is assembled and a strong plastic liner inserted and partly filled with water. I visited their website and found the range quite extensive lots of bright colours and a useful looking A4 size tray. ( click on the product range to see that ). Florists must be so glad someone invented this brilliant idea. Really great for hospital flowers - you know the one when you take someone flowers and then have to search the sluice room for a container to put them in.


Jennifer said...

Those baby peacocks are certainly growing! What a clever idea for florists, and for those who receive the flowers too.

Isabelle said...

The wedding looks lovely! So glad you had such a wonderful day.

(Baby is called Louisa, by the way.)

Molly said...

What luscious looking peppers! sad to say, much as I love them, I'm trying to swear off as they belong to the nightshade family and are no good for arthritis sufferers, sob!

Bubble said...

Those peppers look awesome. They are sooo expensive here to buy xx

Downunderdale said...

delighted to see a drop of rain - may it continue