Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Places to Visit with Visitors.

For the last week we have had visitors, one from UK, so have been taking them around the local sights.
 Pilot Bay in Tauranga Harbour when a cruise ship is leaving.
 Looking at Ohiwa Harbour and Ohope beach on a sunny day.
 Watching fresh water bubble up from a spring below, at Hamurana Springs. 
 Seeing our late afternoon shadows in the water.
 Walking through and gazing up at these magnificent Redwood trees in the Grove at Hamurana. ( sequoia Sempervirens - native to North America. ) 
 Seeing the first Autumn tints in the glow of sunset.
 Feeding this group of ducks ( a different lot ) at McLaren's Falls Park.
 Having this little helicopter land on our loading area to take our 79 year old guest for a flight around the district.
She just loved it . That's how blue our sky was at 9.30 this morning. ( it's quite cloudy again now - maybe more rain? )
 She has now flown to Auckland for more adventures. We will see her once more at Easter before she flies home to Somerset. I hope I am as happy and adventurous as her if I reach 79. For us it is now back to work - but every thing is quite damp. Since the drought broke  we have over several days and nights now had 45 mls of rain. The whole BOP has taken on a green tint again. WE also had fun playing Kubbb on the lawn, having BBQs and meals out
 The red nerines are flowering up the dry hill.
 I still have 3 vases of flower from the tables at the wedding, mainly the curly green chrysthanemums and a few lisianthus. They won't hold much longer. We are still picking beans and lots of courgettes and tomatoes although the rain has split some.
This is a poor photo but is proof that I did get some sewing done about a week ago - more to follow on that soon.


carole brungar said...

Nice sightseeing trip. I hope I'm doing that well at that age too! lol

Molly said...

Ooh! You have redwoods in NZ? My youngest daughter lives among the redwoods in northern California. They are beautiful...Walking in a redwood grove is like being in a cathedral!

Margaret Roberts said...

Thanks for the sight seeing tour Ali.