Monday, March 25, 2013

Vegetables -A - Plenty.

Further to yesterday's post, here's the veges I prepared to have with our roast. Then R said, "wait we have more ," and rushed off and picked an aubergine ( egg plant ) his favourite . I discovered the newest row of green beans was ready to pick so, added to the pile of beans. So it turned into this-
 What a feast, roast pork and 9 veges. The beans were boiled but into the roasting pan after the meat went: Rua potatoes ( not grown that variety before ); kumara; courgette; parsnip( they are big enough to use I discovered ) carrots; pumpkin; red capsicum and aubergine . ( we didn't have dessert ! )

 We also have ready lots of silver beet; red onions and spring onions and tomatoes 
 R went and picked 64 tomatoes and boiled them up for most of yesterday afternoon and ended up with 4 small containers of tomato paste.
 It is so good having all this wonderful produce to eat but we do have a slight problem that we are running out of storage space. We recently changed our very, very old deep freezer for a new one which is proving to be slightly smaller and it is full. We have pickled some stuff and dehydrated some too but don't like waste so will have to give some away.
 Planning for next year :- Less tomatoes, less basil; more beetroot; more whipper snapper peas. The quantity of sweetcorn was about right. If we were to feed ourselves for a whole year we would have to do a lot of bottling I think.( and have 36 hours in every day ).
 It occurred to me this morning with the days getting shorter and mornings chillier, maybe I should start making soup.
 We should soon get a few feijoas and  we are still picking avocados for our own use and soon there will be kiwifruit and of course walnuts and macadamia nuts.
 Has anyone else grown anything exciting this Summer that we could add to the variety we already grow? ( swedes? turnips ? )


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, it all looks so yummy. It makes me look forward to summer!

notHamilton said...

I had my first fresh feijoas last week! Early to fruit but fantastic.

Meggie said...

Your wonderful veges always bring back memories of my grandmother's wonderful garden. How I loved veges as a kid! Still do, and wish I could grow some myself. I do have some nice parsley and some thyme, now Gom is not here to uproot them, also some rather pitiful rosemary and mint. Something seems to destroy the mint, so I have to be quick to pick!