Saturday, March 09, 2013

Living in a Florist Shop.

Thank you all for your lovely comments, Leanne, Jennifer, Molly, Deb, Sal, Nicky and Thimbleanna. Yes Sal, I will certainly send you a photo(s) as soon as the official ones are available. Nicky sadly no rain.....most of NZ is now in a very worrying state of drought. We need it desperately as do most farmers ( more on that later. )
    The reason for the heading, " Living ( happily ) in a florist shop," is that I have been for the past week since the wedding, the lucky sitter of most of the flowers from the tables , my own bouquet from the newly weds and also the spray I wore. Teal or aqua is not a very usual flower colour so the florist did well with additions to the white flowers in my spray. After one week in a blue Hogland glass vase it still looks great.
 The white rose buds have been removed ( and were the first to die in most of the flower vases)  but the white  lisianthus bud blossomed, the greenery is still holding. See how the florist put some touches of blue in it with  2 glass beads wired and a small cut down peacock feather. Cute eh. (  fairly amazing  to still be okay for flowers on short stems and wired. )

 This is one of the vases of table flowers still going strong one week later. This one sitting on my hearth  I have topped up the water in them all ( 6 vases ) daily and today changed it and removed any dying  flowers or debris ( mainly leaves) that were souring the water. Flowers that the florist used in these table centres  were lisianthus; alstromeria; roses; carnations and chrysanthemums; 

 Earlier in the week I couldn't resist thrusting my camera up close to some of the beautiful flowers individually to capture their faces. That Sunflower in the  top photo  was a lovely lemon.( not the usual loud sunflower colour ) 
The lime Chrysanthemum is a true work of art. ( that colour worked so well with the delicate pink flowers - mainly Lisianthus )
 I was so glad to see some of my favourite flower, carnations included. Who trimmed that delicate edge and tipped it in a darker colour  - takes my breathe away.
 The lovely flowers the newly weds gave me are this morning out of their cute vox box and just in a vase. The lilies were the first to go and this fab gerbra will be next.
Considering the hot hot days we have been having the staying power of most of these flowers is impressive. Sadly many of the girls could not transport flowers home  with them so I have been the lucky and nearest  custodian.
 My sister who was staying here last weekend also gave me this lovely potted Begonia, which is delicate as well as having flowers of an impressive size.
 So I have been having a floral week while getting back to normal around here. One final comment about the beautiful flowers would be, " where has all your wonderful perfume of yesteryear gone?"

 On Wednesday afternoon I moved from 2b to work in block 1 of the Kiwifruit and was alarmed to notice about 3 vines nearest the road end of the block were wilting ever so slightly. I pulled off 50 % of the fruit on them and we managed to string together all our household hoses to reach the vines. With a thorough soaking over many hours on 2 days  I am glad to say we have saved their lives. I hope none of the other vines start doing that cause we can't water them all. ( that was the most likely spot to have a problem) But it means the fruit is no longer sizing up and that will be a national problem for Zespri if the promising season turns into one of smaller than desired / needed fruit. We will have to start inspecting all blocks frequently and may have to consider reinstating our irrigation systems that hasn't been needed for so many summers that it is no longer in working order. We are so lucky to have our own ( now dwindling ) water supply.
 Still on the subject of Kiwifruit I have a little puzzle for you. What happened to these 3 fruit ?
 Leanne you have an advantage here as you know what R gets up to.
 These mysterious  star like little holes travel right through the fruit so they look the same on the other side. Needless to say these 3 hanging together in block 1 had to be removed and are not going on any overseas trip later in the year.
 I have promised myself a weekend at a slower pace. Yesterday I began pinning the half square triangles together or my zigzag quilt. My sewing machine is going to be reinstated on the dinning-room bench and I hope to sew for at least an hour this afternoon( if I can remember how ) Time will also need to be spent processing some of the wealth of produce we have ready in the garden. Time will also need to be spent moving hoses around all areas of our gardens.

 I know there are other events and weddings happening around Tauranga this weekend but I am now thinking rain, rain, rain. Please.
Also noticed this morning the first walnuts are beginning to fall. Autumn?


Chookyblue...... said...

rain........affects so many parts of our lives when we rely on it for our livelihood.......very hard to understand why some parts get flooded and don't want any more rain and we can't get a fall.......I hope both of us get some urgent rain very soon........

Jennifer said...

What beautiful flowers, they must have brightened up your week! I hope you get the rain you need soon......Mother Nature is not always kind, is she?

meg said...

We seemed to have overnight Autumn weather, but it has reverted to humid sullen summer. We have had so much rain we are mouldy! But when that sun shines.. duck for cover, because it is SO hot!
The flowers were/are lovely.
I never get tired of flowers, no matter where of how, they are presented.

Thimbleanna said...

Ah yes, a lovely extra benefit to a wedding -- the flower aftermath. Like you, though, I've noticed that flowers don't seem to smell like they used to -- so sad. As for that kiwifruit -- a bebe gun, maybe? ;-D

MandaBurms said...

Re: Holy Kiwifruit - Any Kiwi bloke will tell you straight away that someone has bin a shootin those pesky Pukekos

Cheers Brent

Molly said...

Well, since no animal I know of could go in one side and out the other leaving the exact same mark on each side I'd have to agree with MandaBurms!

Bubble said...

I will say a rain prayer for you Ali. Gorgeous flowers. We are in the midst of an arctic blast freezing. I have had enough of cold weather and i'm ready for some sunshine. xxxxx