Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back Up.

I get real pleasure from my computer....When it is performing as it is supposed to....Which is most of the time. Last night it did some strange things and I realized it was a while since I had backed up all the files on CD, especially my recent photos. So first job this morning was doing that and it took a while but was accomplished so I could relax a bit. I am very fussy at doing all the PC maintenance required, cause I know from experience I get all up tight if for some reason I can't get on line.
I have completed the hand basting of the Apple quilt and am now working our what and where I want to hand quilt. I haven't got any photos of it yet (to my satisfaction) but thought maybe I could put up a couple of pics of my very first quilts.
The first was a queen size one with a duvet pocket to make it very versatile ...Every stitch sewn and quilted by hand! ( quite a few hours work there. ) The next was a baby's play quilt and at the same time an Eye Spy quilt for the older sister.( My niece's girls) Not every seam was perfect on these but they turned out quite well and the girl's loved them.

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Deb H said...

Very nice first quilts! My first was soooo BAAAD! I have it posted on the Artist Statement page of my webpage, if you want to see how bad. It won an Abominable Mention in th 'World's Worst Quilt Contest'!