Sunday, May 28, 2006

Midnight Madness

On Friday my P & Q Group held their usual Friday session and then many of us stayed on for the rest of the day and evening as starting at after 5 pm we had something called Midnight Madness ( just a name really ). One of our members had organized a pattern for a magic block. It was paper foundation piecing. Each person had the choice of the fabric they used and the many lay outs of the first block then subsequent blocks. The photos show my one block and then the arrangement I selected that I liked best, using 4. I will now make more blocks to repeat the pattern. Nobody arrived with the same fabric as anyone else - variety - so no like quilts! Some kind ladies in the group provided dinner for a very small charge and we supped on juice and lovely homemade soup and toasted sandwiches followed by coffee and cake. A very enjoyable 10 hours. I headed for home at 10pm. Most of us had to drive so were tired enough by then.
My new machine had it's first day out and enjoyed meeting lots of other Berninas, some Brothers, some Janomes and other assorted named and aged machines. Glad I got a trolley bag and equipment bag free with it!
Last night's Super 14 Rugby Final was a farce for the spectators....Thick fog enveloped Jade Stadium ( in Christchurch ) and the TV coverage was ethereal.
Today's Netball win 59 to 34 for our Magic Team over the Rebels, was a much better spectacle. We remain top of the points table and the only unbeaten team! Well done girls!!! Our kiwifruit still remains on the vine...sunshine please!! I don't have many photos ( well that I like ) of myself cause I am always holding the camera. Found one recent one in a group shot that I will try and upload on my profile. Had some sun today so I mowed all the house lawns and leaves , it looks a lot tidier now( for a while till the next breeze .)


anne bebbington said...

Wow - Ali that fabric looks even nicer made up - I love the yellowish colour - it's what I would call Maize and I'm always a sucker for purples. What fun - all of you getting together like that for the day and evening. It's something you read about a lot in the US and we very seldom do here in the UK - maybe there are just much less quilters per square mile here - either that or we just don't get off our backsides to organise something - having said that I did hear of something like it making quilts for the kids that come over to visit from Chernobyl, where the nuclear disaster was in Russia 20 years ago - that's amazing to think it was so long ago - will you make a whole quilt in this cloth or is everyone joining together with just one block?

Deb H said...

Lovely choice of colors. How big will it grow? Which Bernina did you end up with?
Sounds like a fun evening. I think the reason you haven't had much sun is that it's staying here in Alaska right now, it's light all the time! Maybe I should send you some!

ForestJane said...

I love the way the purple looks next to the gold!

And like Anne, I want to know if it's going to be a whole quilt in that pattern, or a sampler or if it's a group effort with everyone's colors mixed together.

So nice that your new Bernina got to go on it's first play date. :)

downunderdale said...

i think they should have called it a draw when it was 6-6 - dreadful end to the season. pleased about the netball though - Dale