Thursday, May 11, 2006

Weather Worries.

A photo of some of our good looking kiwifruit!
Another wet and showery day to put the kiwifruit harvest further behind. We need fine days and cool nights to make the fruit ready to pick. Cold nights bring up the sugar levels quickly and fruit may only be picked dry.
We ( and all growers ) may only have our fruit picked when it is passed for maturity and sugar levels, and when the packhouse who packs our fruit, say they are ready for it. ( everyone has to use big gangs of pickers and bin trailers to get the fruit all harvested rapidly) BUT every time it rains it puts the picking schedule for everyone back, so patience is needed.
I have plenty to do inside on wet days. I am just finishing reading the last few of the 880 pages of "The Forest," by Edward Rutherfurd. I have read "London," and "Sarum," some years ago and enjoyed them all, but all are lengthy. I wouldn' t say any of them were riveting reads but certainly informative. As our younger son lives in London I found that made me more interested in the city's history.
Yesterday I made one of my favourite recipes- A Self Crusting Quiche, which is really tasty and versatile.( does anyone want a copy?) We both sat in the office and did the monthly GST return ( using the programme Banklink which is a step forward from the old hand kept book keeping) ....but however you do it, it is a pain in the you know where.
I have finished all I am doing to the quilted fabric book cover I was making; a quick , small portable project. Today now that I have done all the necessary housework and some files I keep, I am continuing hand quilting " The Apples."


ForestJane said...

The kiwis look lovely! And such a good clear picture of them too. :)

I'll take the recipe for the quiche, please. Self-crusting, really? I like quiche, but hardly ever make it because I detest the work of making pie shells, and the prepared ones aren't something I keep around.

anne bebbington said...

Yes Ali I think you rshould post the recipe for that - it sounds intriguing