Monday, May 01, 2006


Today the sun was back, so, amongst the things I spent time on was the weeding and cutting back of my herb garden. The photo shows it looking neat and tidy, that's how I like it. The only thing perhaps different is the lush mint in the front is looking a bit sparse as it dies back for Winter. ( Still enough there to pop in with the potatoes.) I gave it quite a hair cut and it will be away and green again in no time. The air was filled with wonderful smells as it always is when I work amonst the herbs.The plants I use most are the mint, parsley, muzuma, garlic chives and fancy lettuces. I have sugar plant, thyme, sage, oregano and tarragon there too. It is just outside the kitchen window and close to the back and side doors; convenient when cooking.
I also did some more applique on my apple quilt. ( the light was good for small hand stitching ) I am adding a few leaves now and deciding whether I want a final red border.


joyce said...

Your herb garden looks wonderful. Ours is just starting to show it's leaves after the snow of winter. I can't wait to start using fresh herbs again.

ForestJane said...

I can't wait to see the apple quilt. :)