Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturdays are great.

First thing today I enlisted Roger's help to clean the outside of all the windows. Great job...Now I have to do the inside; but not today. ( he held the hose so it didn't make the wet ground any worse while I scrubbed, then he washed off. ) Good team effort!
I spent time on my red seat in the sun quilting and them watched our Netball team Magic, ( Waikato/ Bay of Plenty) beat the Capital Shakers ( Wellington ) in the 2nd game of the National Bank Cup. Well done those girls!!!

My husband Roger likes to cook from time to time (Lucky me...but why not...he eats. ) and makes quite different things from me. That is just Great . Go to it!!! Only when he is in the mood you understand....Which is fine except we usually have to eat every day. Today he made Baba Ganoush out of the Aubergine he grew and we will have it later, on toasted focaccia bread I made.

The centre part of my Apple quilt is looking good with the quilting I am doing using variegated thread which is in keeping with the colour theme ( red and green ). If I am going to do all that work I don't want it hidden ; I want it as an added effect. I am still not happy colourwise with these photos of it but it will give an idea of the quilt top. It has to have a final red binding. I just love the colours. The very bright red just bounces off the pale apple green and dark green. The photo makes the green look peppermint green and it's not it's pale apple green.


joyce said...

The apple quilt is looking great! What are you doing for binding?

Finn said...

Hi Ali, wanted to pop over and see where you call home..*VBS* Very nice blog, and I see some gorgeous quilts..*VBS* Thanks for stopping by over at Pieces, i's always fun to make contact with a another quilter.

I see you haven't been blogging for very long, but have archives. I'll be back to read more and check out your wonderful quilts, Finn

Shirley Goodwin said...

Looking good, Ali. And isn't it great eating meals from stuff you've grown yourself? (though you've got abit of an advantage there!)

Fran├žoise said...

Ali,these red apples look incredibly yummy! I love apples. During my quest of a good vegetarian diet, I've made a veggie quilt last year... Must take a picture of it.

When do you start harvesting the kiwifruits?

KCQuilter said...

Oooh, what a beautiful apple quilt! I love that color scheme.

Deb H said...

The quilt is lovely, but what's aubergine?