Sunday, May 21, 2006

By trial and error.

There is probably a quilt design in there amongst the leaves that are everywhere.These are from those lovely cherries!
Sometimes I forget to check back to see the comments people have kindly left. Sorry! So here are a few answers.

Forestjane everyone here and in Oz eats vegemite or marmite because it is packed with B group vitamins. ( given to babies at an early age ) I agree it is best with something else and thinly spread. (it makes lovely "mousetraps," spread it thinly on thin bread; add grated tasty cheese and maybe some dobs of relish then slowly toast /bake them in the oven till they are all dried out and crisp.)

Brumbies is just the name of one of the rugby teams. ( they are wild horses. ) PS Timtams are naughty! biscuits yum.

Nice to meet you Serena! The machine I purchased is the Bernina aurora 440 QE. I don't have the embroidery module. So far I am doing okay with it. I can still thread the needle quicker by hand than I can using the automatic threader...I guess there it is a knack to it. If I try 5 times and it hasn't worked I do it by hand. ( keep practicing) the only thing I am really worried about is how loose the bobbin holder catch is. I am sure it is supposed to click securely in place but mine keeps falling out. I will check with the shop next time I am in town...In case I am doing something wrong or heaven forbid the machine needs adjusting. Well off for a walk now then more practise. (Only the stitch regulator part ) The rest is as normal. Happy sewing my blogging friends!!!


ForestJane said...

Oh, wow, that sounds like an awful lot of trouble just to bait a mousetrap with. Doesn't a blob of cheap cheese or peanut butter on a trap before you set it work just as well?

ForestJane said...

Oh, and if you go to your blogger dashboard, you can click to have any messages/comments posted to be automatically e-mailed to you. :)

I don't think I'll ever be so popular that I have to worry about my in-box being filled from the blog.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

First, I'd like to thank you for posting my weblog site in your side bar. Through you, someone read all my blogs to date this morning.

There's a trick to using the automatic needle threader. That tiny hook is curved toward the eye of the needle. Guide and manipulate the thread up the far side of the threader and then gently pull it in the opposite direction so it catches in the crook of the hook.

Ali Honey said...

Thanks ladies. The mouse traps are for human consumption.LOL.

I am getting much better at the needle's a knack.
Cheers Alison.

Simonetta said...

Hello Ali Honey, I think as is strange to see that from you is already autumn while there are being here the poppies in the fields:))) I love a lot the autumn colors!
However also I possess a Bernina 440 QEs from few and I don't even succeed in inserting the needle with the automatic device :))))

Leah S said...

Congrats on your new machine!! I have the Bernina 150 QE and still am in love with it. Of course, that doesn't stop me from eyeing other machines and drooling a little. :)