Sunday, June 14, 2009

Answers and Pleasant Things.

I have sewn 2 of the 4 Scarab beetles for the corner posts on the Jewelled Bird Quilt.( shall I leave then basic or should I add eyes and mouth parts? )

The perfume of the Luculia bush in flower delights me every time I go near the washing line - the bees are happy there too.

The first broad beans are flowering precociously( they won't set beans it's too early ).

Yes, Leanne we do like Sapote. Here are some almost ripe on the fruit bowl ( they seem to get spotty( fungal something? ) when almost ripe. It is possible they are a different variety than you had ( Sapote Gibson ) ) I just felt guilty when you said what you paid for one - when we have so many they get wasted .( not good to sell as folk don't know when or how to eat them , so we give a few away and eat what we can )
Other answers:-
* Pam I don't know which CD I prefer. I already have many of the tracks from the last century disc and know them so the "This Century," disc is more new to me ( and everyone Ha ha ) I'm enjoying them both !
* Thanks for your comments about the strobe picture - I may indeed have a try out making a quilt/ wall hanging out of it!
* Hi to Helen and Julia if you are reading. Lovely to have you drop by and visit - I hope the knee mends (I was going to say heals ( heels ) but that sounded foolish )


Tracey Petersen said...

the scarab beetles are lovely! I would add the extra details, but that's just me...

Molly said...

Your beetles look like they might crawl right off the fabric! Sew them down tight so they won't.....The legs look so realistic---how did you do that? And I don't think I'd add details. They look great just the way they are.

meggie said...

I am with Molly. Don't think I would add details, but my word, they are good! Very realistic.
We used to find our Feijoa crop overwhelming, & a lot got wasted. On the other hand they went towards the compost.

Guðrún said...

I would put eyes!