Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time for Celebration and New Trou Perhaps.

" Now that's a strange title," I hear you say. Well, celebration because I now have "The Jewelled Bird Quilt," basted ready to quilt!

The need for some new trousers / long pants because I did the whole thing by the seat of my pants ( no pattern, no experience with iron on applique or gold bias tape ) and today I have been on my knees basting for ages so they are well worn too! But hey, I got there. Maybe I will have it completed in time for our Exhibition in 27 days time.( It depends how I get on quilting it. )

No, walk today - I've been too busy but I did walk for over an hour yesterday ( photos of a walk you have taken with me before.)( through the I'Anson Reserve, along 2 roads, across the highway and up our road home.) If you enlarge the road photo you may see the quarry in the hillside in the distance and we live just below that. )
( the top photo was taken when I threw the quilt over the ironing board giving it a final press before sandwiching it. I liked the way the early sunlight was shining through the braided border )
Some answer to your comments.
* While these frost are happening we are getting day temperatures of 15 or 16 degrees centigrade( 60 degrees Fahrenheit ) Gudrun. Chilly early and late in the day but nice in the sun in between.
*I agree with Meg and Joyce's observation on Global Cooling - I guess we have to call it "Climate Change" ( and we have always had that! )
* Jennifer I don't know what Book crossing is ???
*Thanks for the book idea Holly. I now have 4 more good reads to look for.
What a good day's work!


Jennifer said... Leaving books for others to find - I've been a member for a while but am starting to get more into it now I am retired.

Joyce said...

Your quilt looks great in that light (and in any other light, I'm sure).

Diana said...

Sorry about the knee thing, but hooray that you have it basted! I somehow missed your book post, but have you tried Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett? A long, long book for evenings by the fire.

Molly said...

That braided part is beautiful---especially with the sun behind it! When will we see quilt top??

I finally put apron photos on Flickr...

kiwicarole said...

I love your sashing on the quilt, it must have taken ages to sew that together!

meggie said...

That quilt is looking slendid!

Quilting has been the last thing on my mind of late.

Guðrún said...

Well done, ready for quilting!