Saturday, June 06, 2009

Fabric and Flowers.

A little new Vireya I planted By the driveway is flowering for the first time. It had so many heavy blooms hanging down for it's little size I picked some so it wouldn't split apart with the weight. Coral Flare certainly "is " and looks so bright on the kitchen bench.

The apron production line is still working. 5 finished now!
I am making some to send to London - I think the black fabric will be okay for younger son to wear while BBQing.( the other fabric are NZ Saddle back bird on Flax stem and NZ's only deciduous flowering tree Kowhai.)
*For those making the aprons from my instructions - I discovered it depends which ruler I use as to where the 45 degree line lies. - so just lay your ruler to continue the fold line.
* I also found out on the 5th apron - it is crucial the first 20" square is absolutely square - that one was a tiny bit out and it doesn't really show till you fold the front triangular flap down.
I'm off for a walk now even though it is chilly.
Do have a Happy Weekend everyone!

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meggie said...

That Vireya is just gorgeous.
Love the NZ fabrics.