Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Magic !

**** Magic; Magic; Magic! ****

Last night I was lucky to be court side as Waikato / BOP "MAGIC " , beat the Melbourne VIXENS, by 55 to 48. A great victory that puts them now narrowly top of the table.It was a very different experience than watching on TV. The noise was amazing. and you see just how tall those girls are.
Well done Magic we are very proud of you here in BOP.

( photo shows Magic shooters practising pre match and warming up- no photos during the game in case a flash bulb compromised a player. )


Diana said...

Is that a kind of basketball? I noticed that there don't seem to be any backboards on the hoops.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Diana, It never occured to me when I wrote that post that some folks might not know what NETBALL is. It does have some simalarites with basketball( and used to be called that here many long years ago - had 9 players per team then too, not 7 ) ) but is is quite a different game - no running with the ball or dribbling or back boards and only 2 players per team may go in the shooting circle and shot goals.It is the most popular women's sport in our country.