Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lemon and Blue.

I've just been for a late afternoon walk . Mists surround me, there is calm and silence everywhere except for leaves crunching under my feet. There has been a change in the weather you see. Gone the frosty starts and sunny days. Yesterday was wet, today drizzle, mist and cloud enclose us. The smell in the orchard is that of very strong freshly brewed tea - it is the fallen kiwifruit leaves that have been cooked by the frost.
I picked a bunch of tiny Ifafa lilies for the lounge ( I know the fire won't be kind to them ) but they are a wee Winter delight inside or out.
Yesterday our P & Q group celebrated Mid Winter with a lovely shared lunch. ( they can cook as well as quilt ! )
For me, the first tentative quilting has begun. So far no problems except a dumb b.. when I stood up - hence the walk.


Jennifer said...

Such pretty little flowers! and don't they look gorgeous with the blue glass.

meggie said...

I don't know those lillies, but then there are huge gulfs of knowledge of flowers, that I just have not crossed yet.
Perfume to flowers is always a bonus these days.