Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Apron Tutorial Pt 3.

1. Make ties ( 2) and neck strap - With the 3.5" strips of F2. ( you may do this by folding longways right sides together, sewing, then pulling through but I prefer this way ).
1. Lay neck strap strip wrong side up on the ironing board. With your iron, ( in one hand ) fold the narrow ends in 1/4 " and press. Then using the same technique fold the long side over 1/4" with one hand closely following with the iron in the other hand pressing it down. ( till a quarter inch seam is turned over all the way around. ) Now fold in half length ways and pin. Sew the entire way around the strip as close to the edge as you can. Do the same for the 2 ties but only one narrow end needs to be turned under ( the other end is going to be hidden in a seam ).( photo 1 )
2. Lay your apron front out flat, right side up and place the unturned end of the 2 ties to overlap at the narrow border on an angle, so the ties lay towards the top. Get both looking the same. Pin in place. Also add a couple of pins holding the loose ends away from the edges, which you are going to sew next. ( Check with photo you have them lying into the apron not out )
3.Take the 25" square of F 2 and lay over the apron front, right sides touching. Smooth it out straighten it , then pin in place. Sew a 1/4 inch seam right around the edge BUT leave about 4" gap where you start and finish ( just above the narrow border is a good place ) . Check there are NO PINS left, snip off corners, then turn through gap. Using something pointed ( not scissors ) carefully push out the corners.
4. Methodically work your way around the outside seam, pinning it, then press. Now top stitch right around carefully closing your turn through gap in with the stitching.( this is optional - the gap could be sewn by hand, if no top stitching is done ) I would recommend doing top stitching as it will aid easy laundering and ironing in the future.

5. Turn over top corner of the apron, forward, so it forms a triangle. Measure 4" down from the fold to the point. Check it is even ( level ) by measuring both sides ( about 6" ). Iron this firmly to leave a line. ( photo 2 )
6.Turn apron over to back and lay the neck strap 1/2" in from the edge on both sides just below the ironed crease. Pin in place.( make sure there are no twists in strap ). Sew this to the apron by going around in a rectangle, backstitching at the end to be very secure.( this will be hidden under the flap on the right side ).( photo 3 )

7. Finish by securing the flap to the apron front with invisible stitches and add a button or feature on the front point in about 3/4 ". There that's it.( photo 4 )

Sorry first photo is off a different apron hence colour change .
If any of this is unclear please just ask in the comments section.


Molly said...

Wow! You've been busy! Three posts since I was here last.....Now I'm going to have to put my money where my mouth is and make one! It sounds complicated, but I think as soon as I have the pieces cut out, all will become clear! I've had some fabric with teapots on it for forever that I'll make my first one from......Thanks for writing all the instructions out for us....will report back!

Katney said...

Oh, no wonder I am confused. Thsi is part three. I missed part two and I am sure it will make everything perfectly clear.

meggie said...

I was glad to see this tutorial. I agree with Molly, it sounds complicated, but am sure it will become clear on sewing.

julieQ said...

Very nice tutorial. I need one of these! Reminds me so much of my mom, and grandmom, who wore one each day.

Molly said...

Guess what I've been doing the last couple hours?? Yes, I made one! And it was so easy and looks so nice! Great, useful way to use up fabric you've lost interest in [for quilting.] And as I expected, as soon as I had the pieces cut out and in front of me, the directions made perfect sense! Not being interested in investing a lot of handwork, I top stitched the folded over triangle down. If I make another I won't do this, but will just use the button to tack it in place. I also decided to stitch in the ditch along the seams between to the main body and the borders, thinking it would prevent the seams from getting lumpy when the apron is laundered.......Well, it looks ok, but next time I'll leave well enough alone! But I had fun, and this has got me started on making crafty items for our guild's boutique at our quilt show in November. So Thanks Ali!

Ali Honey said...

Phew! Thanks Molly, I am glad you found it made sense - cause I didn't find it complicated at all.... but you should have seen the BASIC instructions I had. I just took those and improved them. I am sure there are lots of other ways this could be done and I encourage others to go for it and play around. Everyone of my 4 so far are slightly different!

Ali Honey said...

Molly I should have asked if you are going to show us a photoof your first attempt?

Molly said...

I'll put some pics on flickr [in my side bar] when I finish # two! No beds were made or dishes washed around here today!

Guðrún said...

I admire you and those who take the time to post tutorials :)