Monday, August 10, 2009

Baskets Packs and Herbs.

Just when we thought Spring was here the weather has gone feral on us. Dull, with a cutting wind.
I have been finishing off little projects. 2 new very tiny fabric baskets, made with 1.5 inch squares. For comparison of size I have put the original size that we all made from Pink Penguin's blog, behind. I love using up the tiny scraps to make something useful.

Despite a chilly couple of days I have been replanting the herb garden. I dug out an old woody sage, all the tarragon ( cause we don't use it ) ( I bet I didn't get all the roots )and a thick mat of Oregano. For that I used a method similar to lifting lino or carpet it was that jammed in. The wool pack in the photo is what I use for all my garden waste. Full wool packs get taken behind the tractor over to the Avocado trees as mulch around them.

Today I planted more Parsley as we use loads of that,Red Oak and Buttercrunch Lettuce, some Garlic
( already sprouted )
and a little Red Coral Mizuna. The photo shows the green Mizuna I have left to seed down in the back bed. I have it all year round. I also put in a new Sage and another Thyme.The sugar bush is also in the back bed - it doesn't get used for much so may go later if I need it's space.
Also in the photo are the Strawberries under the frame , a full bed of Mint with lovely fresh growth ( use lots of that ) a clump of Garlic chives, the Lemon in the pot has some Lemon Thyme in it's soil and about 6 tiny lemons.
So the area is looking neat and tidy if a bit bare but it will soon fill out. There is room for more lettuce and some radishes and anything else edible that takes my fancy.much as I love flowers I am trying to give more space to edible plants. * ( Mizuna is an Asian salad vegetable. Brassica family rapa species ) I grew Mibuna one year which is similar.


loulee said...

Wonderful. The big house I grew up in had a large garden, most of which was planted with edibles, I used to love playing about in herbs, so many beautiful smells.

Guðrún said...

Your garden looks great.

Leanne said...

Love your wheels shape garden - drool - Will have to show Brent the photo.

Love Leanne

Meggie said...

What a lovely garden it sounds & looks. I love my herbs, but I see Gom had finally killed my thyme, so I am hoping it self sows again.