Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Cloth Books.

I've been making 2 little cloth counting books for the Ruel Foundation.
It has taken so long I could have made them another quilt. ( finding the objects on my fabric and sewing them on ) The top photo shows the prepared parts. The next one shows one book opened in it's finished state.
I learnt some new things. How to print labels and numbers using the computer, large font, then printing out on fabric. ( I also learnt the fabric sheets are not quite A4 size so cut the top off one line - have left self a note with the unused sheets.) ( I also learnt I seem to pin things slightly crooked - mostly I notice and change it but one got away on me ) The wee books should be sturdy and even washable if needed. I have learnt it is a great quick, very neat way to make my own quilt labels - much prefer it to those sewn on my Bernina.


Helen said...

Ali, those books are so cute, I am sure they will be loved.

Laurie said...

I remember making these books a very long tme ago in UK, when our friends were all having babies and money was tight so gifts were home made...but they all loved them, and I know some ended up as bath books for when they get wet you just hang it out to dry and give it a press and behold as good as new.
Yours is looking very cute

Meggie said...

That is a very cute book. Time consuming, but the satisfaction must be great!

Guðrún said...

Great idea to make books like this.

Tracey Petersen said...

They are just gorgeous. A real labour of love.