Monday, August 17, 2009

Notes on all Sorts.

* Thanks to all those who encouragingly say they Love to eat kiwifruit. Wow - a grower needs that feed back!

* Last week with the help of a couple of other blokes R got the new water pipe hooked up; back up the big slip to the wee dam. So that is good news ;we now have our own lovely water supply back working. We will keep the pipes in to the County supply just in case. Our water tastes better - no chemicals.

* I did my Specialist appointment today. Thanks, to you all - Yes, it is a good outcome. "Just leave it . If it hurts or grows or changes come back - that will be $100 Thank you." ( less the 5 minutes). Meg it is a satisfactory outcome for him he made the quickest buck he could imagine.

* Still making more cushions; progress is slow, Ive been doing other things, like reading the 3 Jennifer Chiaverini books my friend Denise bought back from New York for our P & Q Group's library. She didn't know what order they go in, so asked me to read them quickly and decide ( that means I get them first hehe. ) I actually looked the order up on the website ( it's just a matter of leaving out the 3 in 1 volumes the author has published ) They are so light they can be read at speed.

* At the weekend I went to our local Embroiderer's Exhibition. I took photos of work I liked and talked to so many folk - most enjoyable. Today's photo is of some bags the juniors made aren't they just clever - some good ideas there for a future bag.


Meggie said...

I know what you mean about the Specialist's outcome!

Those bags are lovely.

Laurie said...

I am sorry to say I missed the Embroidery expo. Due to the tummy upset but never mind heard all about it from the others that went.
I to love kiwi fruit but the best thing I have ever tasted Ali was your fresh advacado, I can still remember that creamy taste. ummm!

Guðrún said...

It is only the kiwis from NZ that are good, and I don´t say it because you live there it is a fact.