Thursday, August 06, 2009


Presents from Mother Nature .....dancing yellow daffodils. I know I showed them to you last year but as I was walking by with my camera I just had to take this year's photo. While I was doing this Mrs. A came out for a chat and told me that Mr. A had planted those bulbs 40 years ago...and every year they delight me! ( I love interesting things to look at when I walk! )

I forgot my friend's Birthday last Sunday ( I wonder why ?) There is really no excuse, I have a calendar and failed to use it. Today I dropped off the apron I made for her....the green matches the green in her kitchen. I love the Wisteria fabric with it's little touch of gold. ( that's apron 10 I have made from that same pattern)

5 pruners started on the Kiwifruit vines today, which is bright and sunny.
That means soon I will be back to work there too. R is doing a course today. I'm off to the garden now while there is still some sun.


Tracey Petersen said...

Daffodils are just beautiful. I have only seen them growing in the ground a handful of times.

Meggie said...

I loved seeing the daffodils. Thankyou for sharing them.
Love that beautiful fabric in the apron! So pretty.

anne bebbington said...

Your daffs are glorious - I still can't get my head round the fact that you're heading into Spring as we're hoping for just a little more Summer (PLEASE!) before we tackle autumn's run up to winter.

Isabelle said...

Yes, I too find daffodils in August a very strange concept. But interesting.

Very pretty apron but I would have to try to keep it clean!

Deb said...

The daffodils are lovely Ali and a sure sign that spring is on the way-yahoo!

Guðrún said...

So summer is around the corner :)