Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feeling Thankful.

Why, am I feeling Thankful?
1. That I am still the early hours of Thursday morning we experienced a frightening thunder and lightning storm - the closest I think ever. It struck our house and despite having an expensive surge protector on this computer, it cooked it! It has been rapidly repaired; at what cost I am not sure yet; but it needed a new mother board and modem and other electrical parts. Fortunately nothing content wise was lost. Strangely other surge protectors ( less expensive ) in the house worked. I think R will now agree with me that this computer must now be shut down AND unplugged from the wall every night from now on.
2. That Carole gave me an award. You may know I am not too keen on these sort of things but I accept it in the manner given and will do as she asks. Thanks Carole.( it is displayed below my blog list )( she explains it well on her site )
Do I have 5 obsessions to list? ( all right I'll try )
*fabric-and creating ; but I don't have a huge stash like some of you.
*lists and records -a habit I find very useful
*investigative persistence- be it information, lost objects or solutions to problems.
* wonderful aromas. ( flowers; herbs; Freshly ground coffee; newly baked bread)

I am now supposed to pick 5 other blogs. WHAT? Out of all my friends listed on my side bar/ YES. You may all consider yourself eligible.
If I must select it will be:
Gudrun cause she encourages me by commenting often ( thanks )
Meggie for the same reason
Loulee cause I like how she solves her problems
Molly cause she writes so well
# 5 could be any of these lovely people ( Jennifer; Leanne; Tracey P; Kirsty; Joyce; Mags; JulieQ; Dianne; Laurie; Thimbleanna; Dale or A spoonful of sugar - you have all encouraged me lately with your comments Thanks! )

3. A quiet day - no bangs of thunder or trees falling, just birds singing that Spring is here.


Jennifer said...

That must have been scary for you! So long as you are OK, "stuff" can be replaced but people can't.

Meggie said...

Wow! You are lucky your house was not damaged, & fortunate that you didnt lose your information from the computer.
It is eerily warm here at present, after light showers this morning. We are advised there is a huge wind storm approaching with thunderstorms to accompany. Hope we keep safe.

loulee said...

That must have been scary. We recently had a huge storm right over us too. We also took a hit, but there was no damage. Jennifer is right, stuff can be replaced. Lucky your hard drive survived. Perhaps it's time to get all those pictures onto some discs or a stick.
Thanks for tagging me, I think. LOL How do I solve my problems?

Laurie said...

Wow Ali, That must have been so frightening, It was close here and the house shook and swayed with the thunder, the lightening was like red daylight and struck the hill behind us....glad you are personally both safe.

Meggie said...

Sorry, I forgot to say thankyou!
I slapped myself, & apologise prufusely!

Guðrún said...

It must have been very scary with the lightning, it is something we are NOT used to here in Iceland. I am glad you are all right! Thanks so much for the award, I do appreciate it :) I find your posts very informative and that is why I comment. I have learned a lot by reading your blog and I love it.

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, you're such a sweetie! Congratulations on your award! And sorry about your computer -- that's scary. Fortunately you're still "here"! ;-)