Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tree Felling 2

In all about 25 trees were felled.
One photo shows the only damage to a bamboo fence. ( narrowly missing the garden shed ) Another show one guy in the bucket being lifted up to put a chain around a tree ( scary ) The top photo shows the tree that was most difficult to drop the right way ( away from the house )
phew, we still have a house.

Since I'm not a bloke that will be enough photos - you get the idea. There will still be weeks of cleaning up but the biggest logs have been trucked away - what remains will become firewood for next year.


Leanne said...

Glad the house & shed ok. It is amazing watching the men work.
Gum is pretty good at burning - hope your dh can borrow a splitter.

Love Leanne

Ali Honey said...

Hi Leanne,
We don't need to. We have had a big splitter for years - we do firewood to sell. It even has an escalator to load it on the truck. ( do your guys want to see a photo of it ? )
Cheers Ali.

Diana said...

Those are some large trees! Glad to hear that the only casualty was the fence.

Joyce said...

That looks scary. My daughter has a huge Cottonwood tree leaning over her house that needs to come down too. Many $$.

Guðrún said...

It´s good that it all went well.