Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait.

You guessed it. Kiwifruit Picking will now not be till Friday / Saturday. Did they let us know?  NO!  We rang this morning as no bins had arrived only to be told we were now delayed.
 R says I am to go to Retreat, as  this is beyond my control. He will pay to have someone else do my Documentation job.( I hope that person also cleans the toilet for the pickers and makes the coffee and all the others things I usually quietly do ) MURPHY was a B..... wasn't he! ( if it can happen -  it probably will! ) It may still rain and could be delayed even longer . I wonder if we will have to reapply the clean up spray?
     Yesterday I cooked all my food for retreat ( and for us for the next 2 days ) cause I thought I wouldn't have time today or tomorrow. So maybe I will show you the slice I made and give you the recipe.

Macadamia Nut and Cherry Slice.
* line a sponge roll tray with baking paper. Set oven to 200degrees C.
For the base: 2 cups flour; 1/2 cup icing sugar;
200 grams butter.   Rub butter into the other 2 ( or blend in food processor )
 When it's a crumbly mixture press into the lined tin. Bake 10 minutes or till just golden.

While it is cooking prepare the topping:
In a saucepan melt 25grams butter with 1/2 cup of caster sugar. Add 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence and
1 tablespoon of milk. Cool slightly then stir in 125 grams of chopped macadamia nuts and 125 grams glace' cherries.
 Spread this mix evenly over the base and return it to the oven for 15 or 20 minutes. Watch it doesn't burn... the nuts should be lightly browned.  Cool and cut into small slices. Enjoy.
Yesterday we also picked all these ripe guava and put them in the freezer to make into jelly when we get a chance. There are more to pick as they ripen. Here they are being washed in the sink.  Pretty eh. ( Lauri that's the little shrub you have outside your door - ours is now a quite big tree )

 Maybe I will go out to the shed and shell walnuts - the hammering may get rid of some of the frustration I am feeling. ( if I unpack the sewing machine I will probably muck something up )
Whatever will be , will be.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Mmmm, yummy! Thanks for dropping by my blog, Ali - while I packed a lot into my tiki touring on Monday, I wasn't going inside the cathedrals etc - I really just wanted to see all the famous places that you hear so much about, and experience just being here.

Laurie said...

As you say Ali, Murphies Law... so take up Rogers offer and go to your retreat and enjoy with not a second thought for what is happening back at TePuna.

hugs Laurie

keewee said...

Enjoy your retreat. I am enjoying following your blog.

Bubble said...

Oh i do love looking at the yummy things that come out of quiltingorchardist xxxx

Guðrún said...

You are so busy, I am tired just by reading your blog. I hope you will go to the retreat.

Meggie said...

I have just been catching up with your lovely posts.
I sympathise (too late, I know, but I mean well!) with all your frustrations.
Our little part of the world is rather frustrating at present, too.