Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things that Make it all Worthwhile.

I must have been more tired than I realised as when I reread yesterday's post, just now,  I had to edit out about 5 typos....a sure sign for me that I was not quite with it. After 2 nights good sleep in my own bed I think I have caught up.
Here is some of the progress on the latest ( # 19 ) felt embroidered ball.
I have never done a hot air balloon before so that is another motif I can add to my supply. I have also put a capital A and a rather strange looking freisian calf on the other side, also new. This is in an attempt to personalise the ball for the baby by putting on things that she sees. ( A for her name; lives in a house on a hill, on a dairy farm where the hot air balloons fly over. )

Things that make it all worthwhile are the lovely "Thank yous."  I recieved this card from the UK this morning from the parent- father actually;  of ball # 18. Her Dad said she can grasp the ball already - pretty good for nearly 4 months. ( and he is going to email photos of the baby and ball - I will enjoy seeing that )
 Other things that make the effort all worthwhile are the hugs I recieved from ladies before they left Retreat and the emails of thanks sent after they got home.( for 6 ladies it was a 1st Retreat ).
Perhaps the biggest relief for me yesterday, was the Treasurer adding up the all accounts, and giving 3 ladies who were unwell refunds and we still only went over budget by $51. ( they only get full refunds if it is unavoidable or medical reasons )( that was after having to pay an extra $230 for further accommodation. )  One more person being able to come would have made a profit.  A record number attended as it was.

*You lucky girls going to Turangi in July will have much more up market accommodation and should thoroughly enjoy it.
* Late yesterday I started finding and picking the kiwfruit the pickers missed, ( they always miss some )( I have only done a few rows so far )  so will keep you some Laurie and there is still avos, so I must try and arrange a visit or visa versa.
* It is really clouding over, maybe we are actually going to get some much, much needed forecast rain....that would be grand.


Thimbleanna said...

That little hot air balloon is adorable! We'd be more than happy to send you some rain -- I'm ready for it to stop here!

Laurie said...

So pleased your retreat was a success.... just say the word and I can visit
Your ball is so cute what a fabulous idea to put on the things that are around the child
Lovely rain today never thought I would be saying that.

Meggie said...

Love the hot air balloon.
How I wish I could be there to share some Kiwi fruit, also Avos. We have been enjoying Avo & cheese melts... but they are expensive, as the avos are rather dear just now.
So glad the Retreat was so successful...I would love to do one!