Friday, May 21, 2010

Laughing at Myself.

It's wet and drab. Don't go out there! It's okay I won't...cause I have been indulging myself...I have sat here reading blogs for nearly 2 hours, while sipping a coffee and snacking on some crackers with cheese.

Just outside the backdoor in the wet this zygo cactus -  Schlumbergera truncata ( aslo called Christmas cactus: lobster cactus; in the northern hemisphere)-  is flowering brightly, despite the dull damp day.( damp is good.....we need to catch up with rain we didn't get earlier;  and I may stay inside! )
If it had been fine I would have finished doing this.....

...walking the Kiwifruit rows to find the fruit the pickers missed. I park the tractor at the end of a block then walk both ways up and back each row with my gloves on and a big bag to pick them into. I have just half one big block and one small left to go. It always makes me sad that some really exportable fruit get left behind. Friends don't mind cause then I share them around.
Well ,why was I laughing at myself...well it was my own fault.  I sewed and then unsewed ( yes you know the one with the quick unpick )Okay that was cause I didn't get it right. But the really funny one was the night before last sitting watching TV as I hand sewed some of those d....d butterflies. I loooked in horror as I saw I had sewn 2 eyes and some antenna to the bottom of one butterfly! Yes I could see the funny side ( end ) . I wasn't concentrating properly.


Jennifer said...

Eyes in the back of its.....bottom?

Ali Honey said...

Yes, I could see the funny side....I wonder what the butterfly could see?

Tracey Petersen said...

A butterfly with hidden talents?

Isabelle said...

Looks lovely, though.

Meggie said...

So funny!
My Zygo Cactus is a paler pink, & is not in flower yet.
I wish we had some of those Kiwis here- they are outrageously expensive, and measly to boot! 3 for a dollar!! I know you dont get the profits.