Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sewing in the Sunshine.

As soon as I have posted this I am off outside to my red seat for some sewing in the sunshine. The day started cold and damp but now is nice in the right spot outside. I need to handsew a black cat onto a ball; my eyes wouldn't see it last night. Black is now hopeless for me unless I sit in natural light.

 Look at this; the scones this morning turned out fluffy and yummy. I used a recipe that freezes well apparently, using cream and lemonade. I also sat and finished the book I was reading this morning. ( not going to recommend it - probably might offend some people. )
At the moment R is off trying out his new mower. He traded the old one in which was similar but a bit smaller and older but the same type. It had done hours of work mowing parts of the orchard and surrounds.

Even after all that rain the Lucullia is bright and attracting bees.



Joyce said...

Those scones look really good. I never heard of using lemonade but it's a great idea.
We have been getting way too much rain here. It's supposed to be summer but you'd never guess it. I got my garden in but iI'm afraid the seeds will just rot in the ground, esp the potatoes

YankeeQuilter said...

Those scones look I have to get into the kitchen and make some since the rock-hard lumps they sell locally and criminally label as scones just don't cut it!

I don't use lemonade but I do have some lemon and blueberry marmalade...

keewee said...

Do you use lemonade instead of or with cream in the scones?
We are having such a cool Spring this year and really need some warmth to get our vegetables growing.

Jennifer said...

Yum....scones.....have been meaning to try the lemonade recipe, DH is quite partial to date scones.

Bubble said...

yum yum xxx

Meggie said...

I have that recipe, but have never made it- yet!
That mower is a swish looking unit!