Monday, May 03, 2010

Plenty Happening.

A dull cool day ( by our standards ). The orchard sprayer is here putting the clean up spray  on the kiwifruit vines and fruit.( just takes off any waterstaining - but not sooty mould unfortunately ) That happens in the 24 hours prior to picking SO either later today or more likely tomorrow, weather permitting we will be flat out picking the Kiwifruit. 
 I do hope the weather holds and we get it done in the next 2 days as on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I am committed to being at P and Q Retreat. I am Camp Leader and doing all the shopping Friday for 25 ladies staying the weekend and catering for 47 on Saturday. I have had this awful feeling the picking was going to clash and I can't really get out of either - needed in 2 places at once; so fingers crossed it all fits in.( I didn't do the booking for retreat it is traditionally this time of year which means it always clashes with our picking -  blah! )  ( trying to stay calm and be very organised )
R found this tagged Monarch butterfly on the metal drivway this morning.  I have reported it's number to the site. It may have been released from the Quarry Park behind us is my guess - in which case it didn't get far at all. It is still alive and resting in the herb garden.
   A friend has asked me to make 2 felt embroidered balls for her; for 2 grandaughters; one just born, one 9 months old.  ( a commission! hehe. ) So that has got me busy. I had run out of already cut out pentagons in some colours of felt so had to cut more. Already I have one ball put together and stuffed . I am half way through putting the chain stitch edgings in.  We have had a fire the last 2 nights so stitching after dinner in the warm means it will get made quite rapidly. ( still takes at least 50 hours work for one ball ! )
 I had packed the sewing machine away in it's bag ready for Retreat and to clear the bench. Elder son and partner were here for the weekend and he wanted some trousers shortened, so I got it out again.  What are Mums for;  but he needs them for work so more than happy to help.
Younger son and partner V are away ( from London ) down in Eastbourne ( E Sussex ) for the long May Day weekend - hope they have a lovely time. Happy Birthday Dear V.  Miss you both.


Meggie said...

Ah, how we miss our loved ones on Birthdays & Special occasions....& all the inbetween days, which are not important!!
I love working with felt, such a forgiving kind medium. Enjoy your time beside the fire. Good luck for your Retreat.

Bubble said...

Always busy busy Alison, lots of love xxxxxx

MargaretR said...

It will be very interesting to hear how you coped with all this Ali.

Guðrún said...

It takes a lot of time to make the felt ball. It would be interesting if we took the time when we are making a quilt!