Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rain and Leaves.

Most of today has been fine. Yesterday we got a 4"deluge. A really stormy day. So when it wasn't raining after breakfast I got out with my mower to mow up some of these leaves.
 A bit later from another angle it does look better. I had to pick the ones on the chip up by hand.( but see how many still have to fall - moan )

This afternoon we went to the garden centre to see what fruit trees they had. The ones we want weren't there yet but we have ordered a nashi and an elephant heart plum.
 While there I saw some bargins. All the bulbs were reduced. I got 20 daffs for $8; a few more muscari and some white anemone bulbs half price.

This white Chrysanthemum was also half price.

I also wanted some instant colour for the space by the back door .

so got this cyclamen and a wee pot of miniature daffodils. ( my others  are no where near flowering yet ).


Jennifer said...

Pretty potted colour - I love daffs!

Meggie said...

How lovely your garden looks. I love the potted colour. I had a lovely garden in NZ, but find a lot of things conspire to defeat me here!