Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mixed Emotions.

The last week has flown by and not too much sewing or quilting was achieved. I did cut out more basic butterfly shapes for my quilt.
 In the evenings I have been adding to the felt embroidered ball ( not all successfully ) ( I did a couple of unpicks ) R said the hot air balloon was the wrong shape. He is right.  I just designed mine out of my head.....I should have had an elongated lower part above the ropes. I can't add that now but did enlarge the sides with another stripe each side.

So far this ball;  # 19 has : a capital A; a strawberry; some ducklings; a calf and a house on a hill.
Yesterday was our P and Q Group day. A good turn out again with lovely Show and Tell. We welcomed  3 visitors who all wish to join - that's good. 2 members,who for various reasons haven't been for ages, came; one with a beautiful small quilt using fabulous colours..... J said it has kept her sane while her husband has been having treatmnent and she has been sorting out their business. She just snatched an hour here and there. Things are looking better for them now.      Another young member arrived to tell us she had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer but was being very positive about it. Yet another member had a hip replacement ( 2nd one ) on Wednesday and is doing well. Sadly at 2 pm a group of about 15 of us walked up the hill to the Catholic Church to the funeral of another club member's husband, then to her home afterwards.  
 At home; very much later ( did supermarket too )  there awaited a pleasant invitation  in the mail - Thanks Pam!
So certainly a time of mixed emotions!
 There are almost 90 ladies in our P and Q group and I know almost all of them quite well,( part of my job ) sometimes keeping up with the events of all their lives is a challenge, but I do care about them and want to support them, but it is no wonder some nights I don't get to sleep easily.
Lastily but not least... WE HAD RAIN! Much needed -  more than 2 inches over the last 2 days.Things are still damp and thundery today so maybe some sewing?


Tracey Petersen said...

I'm certain that every member appreciates the group as they go through times that are tough.

YankeeQuilter said...

Part of being in a guild is helping others through tough times and celebrating the good ones too.

Love how the ducklings came out on the ball!

Meggie said...

Groups are so good for support when things go Pearshaped!
I loved your hot air balloon, & am sad to read it has gone. I thought it readily recognizable, & nice & bright.