Sunday, August 22, 2010

Completed Tasks.

I have finished my Challenge entry. Putting a hanging sleeve(s) on the back took ages and was tricky because of it's irregular shape. I am not supposed to show my entry yet but have a photos of the bottom where I have attached beads and stitching.
I will show a full photo after it has been handed in., and tell you the story about how I made it.
I have been watching paint dry - not literally but have been making 5 recovery disks for a new laptop and it is taking so long.
 Also I have been trying out a new digital camera ( that was so cheap compared to my first one 8 or 9 years ago ) The size of the photos is huge and not good for emailing or blogs. There is a editing item in the programme to reduce size so I am trying that out. Yesterday's blog photo was put in at the original size and it made it all grainy and it made the detail stand out away from the photo. Lots to learn and practise needed. We can now have a camera each.
Finally the sun is out and we managed to get the spray on the Kiwifruit . It was started on Thursday but got washed off. All the growers are on tender hooks till it gets done. August has been incredibly wet.

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Jennifer said...

Your challenge entry looks interesting - looking forward to the full reveal!