Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sheila's Birthday.

Yesterday my friend had a lovely Birthday lunch with 10 lady friends. We sat out in the sun and got too hot!( 19 -20 degrees C ) Now how she pulled that weather out of the bag I don't know because it is back to rain today. She did all the catering herself and it was yummy. She is a vegetarian and often there isn't a lot of tasty food on offer without meat content, if we go out. So making it yourself is a good ( but tiring for her  ) option. We all appreciated it and the wine went down well. I find most ladies are happy with vegetarian dishes....must have meat is more a bloke thing. These photos are for you to see Pam and Debra and Sal. 

She also had a lovely pink bunch of flowers and a white flowering clyclamen and other lovely gifts. The Biscornu kit in my last post was my gift to her, so I wonder how she will do with it. She already knew what they were and had made one , a tiny black and white all over stitched key ring.
So, Birthday Girl if you are reading this, we all enjoyed helping you celebate your birthday and had a lovely day - Thanks. I look forward to doing the same when we are all truly old....in 15 or 20 more years!  Friends are special treasures!


Laurie said...

I love vegetaian food also, but I still love meat ... I am quite happy with a veggy dish .. sometimes I do them when I am on the lastest health kick.
Hugs Laurie

Meggie said...

So true! Friends really are special treasures and if they are rellies as well... double the treat!
Is that a Daphne I spy there as one of the gifts?
We love vegetarian foods, & I am always happy to eat vegies- though, why do some shops think we need curry or hot chilli for our enjoyment??

Bubble said...

So lovely to read Ali, it sounds like she had a super day. I have been on holiday and i'm just catching up with blog land lots of love xxxx