Monday, August 09, 2010

Quilting Time.

The last 2 days have been patchwork and quilting days ( UFO days ) for any of our P and Q Group who wanted to be there. We share the building with several other craft groups so have designated times when we may use it.  I have the keys to open up so have spent two quite full days there sewing, talking, eating drinking  and laughing. 15 ladies attended on Saturday and only 6 yesterday.
They are good times for really getting to know more about quilting friends.

I am lucky to have the company of some lovely ladies. D your ginger oatie crunch was yummy.

My Homes of Hope Quilt got it's binding on, and sewn down and a label. I am pleased with it. It was quick and made partially from donated fabric and I had the dark red fabric in my stash so it was meant to be. It is single bed size. I think it would be suitable for a boy in those darker colours.( looks like the middle needs a press - strange how photos pick up detail like that )
I used PhotoFabric to print out 2 pages of labels that the ladies could sew on their quilts. We weren't quite sure what we should put but knew they needed some sort of label. I fitted 14 ( all saying the same thing ) in on a page so was happy with that. I like the way using the computer and printer the words look very neat and legible.
It is quite a ( nasty ) coincidence that last Thursday when I was writing my post about Trixie daffodils , just a couple of miles up the road from that spot a member of our extended family was having an accident on a bulldozer on the farm. Unfortunately he was thrown off and the bulldozer crushed him. He was 64 and a lovely fun person. What a waste!. ( we have known him for 40+ years ) SO today we are off down country ( 5 hours drive ) to Wanganui and Waverley to attend his funeral tomorrow. (Why was I think about that part of the country right then ?) ( I have that happen quite a lot ).
I won't be back here reading blogs till Thursday.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh dear -- I'm so sorry to hear about your family member. Isn't it weird when you think of things like that and then something happens? It looks like you had a good weekend sewing -- good for you!

Jennifer said...

Ali, I'm sorry to hear about that accident, how sad, please accept my condolences.

loulee said...

So sorry to read of your loss.

Deb H said...

Oh what an awful accident. I am so sorry for your loss.

I sounds like your weekend with friends was like Quilt Camp. It looks like fun. Your HOH quilt is wonderful. I think any girl would love it as well!

Meggie said...

Your quilt is lovely, & I am sure it will be well loved.
We have had news of deaths too, which bring sadness.
Go well and safe.

julieQ said...

I am so glad for your fun sewing time...but my heart just hurts with the news of your loss. I am praying for all peace for you.