Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Helleborus ( Winter roses. )

Helleborus or Winter Roses are amongst my favourite flowers - for their simple form and beauty rather than perfume.  I am drooling over these , picked from the garden this morning. They are dripping off on the kitchen bench.
I have 3 varieties and many seedlings.

I can see in the front one the shades of pink and green that many of you use in stitcheries and quilts - just yummy together. ( I think that one is Orientalis )

 This is White Magic. It is isn't it?


Meggie said...

Gom thanks you for your Birthday wishes. I thank you for your thoughts for my Free Treats.
Flowers are some of them, and yours are just lovely. You are right, their simple form is beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Hellebores are beautiful - I might try growing some here next year.

loulee said...

I adore Hellebores too.

notHamilton said...

Why are the best flowers out of season for NZ summer?