Sunday, August 29, 2010


The sun is streaming in the window on my back at the moment but at lunch time we had thunder, lightning and hail!
 It was very loud on the roof.

 We had a white looking orchard. Note these kiwifruit vines have just been pruned and the canes tied down. No new leaves yet that could be damaged. It is possible some of the growers who have gold vines may have got new leaves spoilt. The gold variety is earlier than the green.

  This one shows the hail stones falling.
 I'm off for a walk but I will take my umbrella.


Meggie said...

Oh Ali, I hope your walk was not rained upon! How cold that hail looks.
So sorry for your losses.
Thinking of you.xx

Jeni said...

ohhhhh coming from Queensland ...just love the look of the hail....thank goodness it didn't do harm to your crops
my daughter lives in Christchurch....and I envy all the rain you guys get....gardens are always so beautiful when I am over

Tracey Petersen said...

I hope your umbrella is made of tough stuff. Amazing photos.