Saturday, August 28, 2010

Group Effort.

Yesterday at  P and Q Group, lots more cushion covers were completed and handed in. We tried when everyone went home to set up a display ( but the space is not useful for that ) to take some photos for a record of all the covers so far.
We also tried to display all the Homes of Hope quilts.

The response from the group members has been wonderful.
We must have been very distracted this last week, as we have forgotten to do a couple of important things ( meet deadlines. ) I hate that cause it can't be undone.
The kiwifruit pruning gang is making good progress and should be finished tomorrow.
We are planning to travel down country again ( to Palmerston North ) after lunch on Monday and back Wednesday for the funeral of our 2 rellies. We are both tired and stressed so are tying to have a quiet weekend.
 Thanks for  your kind comments of support. You are wonderful friends. I hope you get to do some pleasant things this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Great idea to make a record of the group's work. It looked like a lot of hard work went in to making everything.

Laurie said...

Well done to everyone in the group, you should be proud of your collection.

Thoughts are with you for your trip down south.

Hugs Laurie