Friday, December 02, 2011

Growing Time.

Growing time. Growing( expanding) Time.  Both are applicable. I need more hours in the day but would be totally exhausted if it happened so maybe not such a smart notion.
    * Molly send your son over immediately, we'll put him to work.
   *Meg - I commented to Mary that obviously the pollen didn't get to her. "Nah," she said dragging on a smoke . So someone who does not  get affected by sissy things like allergies!!!!

I have been collecting macadamia nuts from under the trees and drying them on the trolley in the sun. The ones at the front have not yet split open their outer shell. They still have to be cracked after that.

I have been closely watching this cauliflower and marvelling at it's perfection and wrapping.

The first baby courgettes are sizing up. Yum! I can't wait to make fritters out of some.
I have pulled out going to seed parsley and missed radish to make room for more lettuce, 2 capsicums and a coriander. ( I don't much care for coriander but R likes it and the young ones coming soon do too.)

Yesterday morning I mowed all the lawns. Weeds and grasses were forming seed heads and the wind had left plenty of twigs and leaves for me to collect.The sight of freshly ( neatly ) mowed  lawns always makes me want to rush in for the camera to take photos while it's looking neat and tidy. So many things are flowering I can't keep up.

Filipendula is one of my favourites at the moment. So delicate, the leaves are fabulous too.

Usually I grow Iceland poppies ( Hello Gudrun )  but tried Shirley poppies this time. 

Meg the rose has a beautiful face too.
All these ladies in my garden!

This one is Sally.  While all the roses are beautiful I do have a problem with bronze beetles hiding in them and eating holes in the petals. You can see some evidence of it here at the bottom right corner. Some are so badly chewed they are totally destroyed. The only thing I can do is digitally squash them ( but they leap and drop to the ground). I dead head over a large bowl to try and catch as many as I can. We still have bees here so I can't spray with any insecticide. They overwinter under ground so are hard to get rid of.
 I started counting up how many flowers have people's names or is it the other way around, people have flowers' names. Many I know are named after the breeder or someone in their family. ( someone  wrote a book about "Ladies and Gentlemen in my Garden." I think I have it somewhere.


Deb said...

Ali,I always feel envious when I read the posts about your garden. There is nothing more wonderful than growing your own vegetables and fruit, admittedly much of yours is your business. BUT now that I see you have a macadamia nuts I am really envious, they are my most favourite nut, yummy.Lucky you although you probably get sick of them yourself.

Deb said...

Your garden is looing fabulous. I was a little late getting my vegies in this year so not even a hint of a flower on my zucchinis yet.

Jennifer said...

You have a lovely garden.....I love that herb wheel!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

what a terrific garden Ali, and yum... macademia nuts!!!

Farm Girl said...

Hi Ali,
I'm so behind on my blog reading, but have just caught up on your recent posts. I had no idea there was so much involved with a kiwifruit orchard. Busy days! Your garden is an inspiration, I just love seeing pics of your gorgeous flowers and that amazing vegie garden. Yum - macadamias, I guess they wouldn't grow down in my neck of the woods??

Meggie said...

I always love seeing your garden. I sigh with envy when I see your lovely vegies growing- that cauli is a wonder! The roses are lovely, I had no idea there is a rose called Meg.

carole brungar said...

You have such a gorgeous garden! Lots of hard work, I'm sure, but well worth it I bet! x