Saturday, December 10, 2011

So Much to Do; Not Enough Time!

During the week ( Tues evening )I have had the AGM of Tga Patchwork and Quilters Group of which I am an active member and our final session and shared lunch get together for the Friday ladies of this group.  Above are some of a lot of lovely quilts from Show and Tell.( none are mine )The AGM was the usual for us  (teeth pulling session ) of nobody wanting to go on the committee. Only 5 were staying on so 3 of us muggins who have all recently HAD turns put up our hands again. We now have 8 the minimum we can get by with. Who would think we have 95 members ( one dear lady deceased so she is excused Bless her Heart ). Anyway I am not ( this time ) in charge so should manage to be useful.( I could rant long and loud about that but will spare you! )
*** Thank you for your lovely comments. I  can now add to my list of poeple /flower plants names. Farm Girl has roses Margaret Merrill; Victor Borge; Mary Rose and H C Anderson.
Loulee has a sister called Nerine.
Meg suggested Lyndon ( tree ) to go on the male list. Thanks!
*** Molly I am making a quilt with the selvages - scroll back a few posts to see blocks laid out. I have now finished 8 different colours. 10 will be required for the quilt.
Yesterday was very hot. Today after some early showers we are back to much cooler. R mowed out the pea plants which had become very mildewy and dug their space ready for another crop. We frooze lots of the peas to have at Christmas time! See that new grass there to the left - oh boy did we stuff up. We should have let the weeds in the soil germinate then spray them out once or even twice before hydroseeding it.. So now every evening I am trying to do half and hour pulling out the worst weeds. The grass is brilliant and we know it wasn't the hydroseeding at fault cause everywhere else I have used the left over soil the same weeds have appeared.
( tomatoes and potatoes on the left in photo...still okay. I proved the egg raft was green smelly vegetable bugs( not psyllids! ))Quite a few tomatoes on the plants but none ripe yet.
My 6 yam plants are up on a tiny spare space beside the new grass . They need moulding up - tomorrow when R finds a piece of timber to put long the left side so the birds can't keep scratching the soil and compost away.
This yellow lily is teasing me. Every day I think it will open...but it sure shows promise. ( as does the pink one ).
The first of the coloured lupins is out.
Some things can be crossed off my list.
* I have all NZ posting parcels ready to go first thing Monday morning.
* We have the Christmas letter written and copies printed. Cards and addressing tonight perhaps.
* I have spent hours booking a rental car for son # 1 to use when he arrives in NZ, this week. Sure doing things on line is good ( but I am slow at typing ) and they have multiple pages. Some persons and firms were so nice and helpful; some just rude - But I was customer. Got there in the end I hope. Difficult when the person paying is not the person up lifting the car at the airport.  He returns to Oz before Christmas. 
********So glad son # 2 and fiancee are self reliant, plan ahead and don't give me these headaches. They too arrive in NZ this coming week.... I can't wait to see them.

 Lots to do before you all have too! This year should be way more interesting than we have had the last few years on our own.


Jennifer said...

Unfortunately, getting people to serve on committees seems to be a problem everywhere these days! I can't believe Christmas will be here in a couple of weeks......wasn't it Easter only the week before last?

Molly said...

Christmas is so much fun when you have family and friends visiting to share it with! We have tomatoes here but don't know if they will ripen---it's getting chilly [for here!]Must have missed that one [with the selvages---off to check for it now!]

Chá das Cinco said...

Ali, nice to meet you!
I am glad you left me a message at my blog, Chá de Baunilha!
I am delighted with your garden!!!
I wish you a wonderful week!!!
Love, Bela

Farm Girl said...

Looks like it's as hard to get office bearers in quilting groups, as it is in any other group!
Your vege patch is doing wonderful things, b%#$!& about those weeds, you'll be on to it next time ..... I'd never have thought of spraying first either. Lovely to be having your family home for Christmas......

Isabelle said...

I love the grudging way that you excuse the deceased lady from volunteering to be on the committee.

Yes, you have indeed internationaled my life up this year. Come back!