Sunday, December 18, 2011


Like lots of you out there ( Molly, Wanda )I have had a go at making some mug rugs. The other day I couldn't find any nice bone china mugs ( that I wanted for gifts ) so had to get some everyday ones. I may still get a chance to go into the city and get some. Meanwhile these turned out okay. The second one better than the first .( only used a single layer binding on the first. )The backs are all Blue spot fabric.
I like the fabrics and the colours. Maybe if I get some mugs in other colours I will make some more rugs.
The weather has been dismal ; horrendously wet at times. We are only inconvenienced; other poor souls especially in the Nelson / Motueka area have had floods and slips and damage.We have recorded 205 mls in the last 5 days. We are so far behind with our kiwifruit work now it is laughable ( that is not the right attitude I know but it is beyond our control. ) I have how ever caught up with pre Christmas jobs.
In this household I mainly do the cooking but R likes to have a go from time to time - which I encourage. He has his own recipes and I have mine. He makes some very tasty things. ( main meals almost exclusively ) While it is so wet, R has been practising some of his vegetarian recipes .Over Christmas the meat eaters will be out numbered by the vegetarians here. That is fine by me, I only eat small amounts of meat, chicken or  fish any way.. So he set to and made Corn and Kumara Pie.
 It is a secret recipe he said when I asked.....what I can tell you is it has shallots, cream style corn and either ( milk, coconut cream or cream in it ) and a topping of cooked mashed kumara ( sweet potato ) with grated cheese on top...and probably some secret ingredients. In the photo it has bacon as well but this would be done separately when making it for vegetarians.

I am now picking a few beans for my row and we had the very last peas from the crisper . The carrots I did not grow. It made a lovely meal.

More fruit mince pies have been made; they need replenishing as we eat them.
 In this week's Listener there is a recipe for a walnut dip that sounds promising. I'll have to try that( having walnuts a plenty ).

 Sunshine now PLEASE!


Molly said...

Love your mug rugs Ali! Of course I haven't met anything blue yet I didn't like! They are vrery pretty. My camera is out of commission, otherwise I would have posted pics of mine.

That pie by R looks scrumptious!

Jennifer said...

Your mug rugs are great! That pie looks so good.....kumera, yum......I know weather disasters happen all year round, but it always seems so much worse if they happen at Christmas don't they.

Farm Girl said...

I love your mug rugs, they match those cups perfectly.
How do you feel about a swap of some sun for some rain? Not very often I can say that, but we need some rain, tanks are nearly empty and grass has really slowed down.
R's creation looks amazing, kumara is so delicious.....

James Honeyfield said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow :) looking forward to sampling some of those culinary creations too

James Honeyfield said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow :) looking forward to sampling some of those culinary creations too