Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lovely Gifts.

My ( only ) sister R always gives gifts that have several parts. This time I received a tiny 2.5" wooden sewing  acorn. It is made of NZ wood; Matai for the top and Rimu for the acorn. Inside are 2 tiny reels of cotton, a thimble and a needle. It was made by John Bradley fashioned on one his grandmother used to have. Very Cute. She also gave me some very fancy embossed notelets with the letter "A", and a book.

 I have started the book and went straight to the chapter written by Fiona Kidman about her friendship with Lauris Edmond who was my late Mother's cousin. In the foreword it says much has been written about friendship between men and women but much less has been said about the importance of women to other women. I think I am going to enjoy this book .( we crafty Blogger all know about the great friendship and support of other women don't we? )

Our 2 young ones spoilt us with shared gifts as well as individual gifts. We both got this.
We laughed that it said on the box a game would take 3/4 s to one hour. Yeah right. When we had a game with the young ones the other night it took us nearly 3 hours - we were all over tired.

Here is the detail of the beads and stitching on a 3 pocketed letter hanger from Thailand. I also got a wireless  mouse for my laptop.

This little special gift from J was as much of a joke as anything but the products seem good. ( P used the balm on a sore cracked toe )( to me the badger seem the wrong colour! ) It all started when we were on holiday in UK earlier this year. I wanted very much to see a badger in the wild and never did. When we left dear Ruby's place in Somerset,  she sent me home with this fabulous plate. It travelled safely in my hand luggage . It is Royal Worcester Porcelain and called "The Woodland in April," by Peter Barett.

R thinks "Badger,"  might become my new nick name. I'm not so sure.
 We were both given some lovely wine and olive oil and R gave me a new flash modern looking radio to use while I work in the orchard, but the batteries don't work so it has to go back to the shop to get sorted. I will show you it in another post as it has a face. Wasn't I spoiled?


Molly said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely time together! I love it when people come up with creative, personal presents....That book sounds interesting. I think that women friends fill a need in us that men cannot, because they're just wired differently! It never ceases to amaze my husband how much, and at what length, my sister and I can talk. And talk. And talk! I stay in touch with friends scattered far and wide. Without my connections with them life would be a lot bleaker.

That little acorn is so cute!

And yes---Scrabble takes a lot longer than your box said when it's played in this house too!

Happy New Year to you and R!

Jennifer said...

What lovely goodies, your little acorn is beautiful! That book looks very interesting too.

julieQ said...

Loved seeing all your gifts, and glad you had fun!