Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's Been Happening Here.

Late this  afternoon it has gone back to being just the 2 of us here.
It is too late to show photographic proof that the tree did get decorated....instead I will show you what I had on the side board in the lounge.The flowers are blue miniature agapanthus and white dahlias from the  garden. I bought myself a bunch of red carnations which I don't grow but are amongst my top 10 flowers, to go with them. They last well. Note the bright table runner and the old photo of my late Mum on her wedding day in 1938. To the right of the photo (cut off ) is a pile with all the Christmas cards and letters. 2 special cards in the photo came by hand with our young ones from lovely folk we meet in July when in the UK.
Christmas day went off well;  a bit of a blur for me - I went over board with the last minutes food purchases when I found 15 were coming. We are still eating out way through it all. The only waste so far is some fruit salad that went in and out of the fridge too many times. Meanwhile out in the garden things were getting neglected, so this morning I finally picked the huge cabbage weighing 1.8 kilos and some courgettes and broccoli.

On Boxing Day we and the 2 young ones ( V's Mum stayed behind ) drove over to Te Aroha to have lunch with R's brother and his A and their 3 grown kids and 3 lovely grand daughters. It was a great catch up. J had not seen his cousins for quite some years and had never met the wee girls.
Last evening we met up again with all of V's family who had been here Christmas day for a Fish and Chip dinner on the beach. As it was windy and quite cold ( note all the clouds )we went to the inner harbour side called Pilot Bay.
 Here looking along to the Mt.

Here looking the other way. We were entertained with a large container ship coming in and later one going out. They seemed to move quite fast - luckily a smooth passage out of the harbour.

Some of the bunch with V's nephews at the front. We didn't stay till dark it was too cold.
* J our younger son and V his lovely fiancee ( recently returned from living in London ) have some more holiday time which they are spending with family and going to 2 weddings before they both go to Auckland to start their new jobs.( most of their gear is staying here ) Isn't that fantastic that they have both scored good jobs. Not the pay they were getting in London but pretty good for NZ. We are thrilled cause then they can start the process of buying their first house.
 Since the 16th of December when elder son and new partner were here we have had a full house, now quiet again, so back to the orchard for us tomorrow.We have enjoyed eveyone's company and met V's Mum for the 1st time. It is lovely that our quite small family is rapidly expanding.
 Yes I did get some gifts which I have had no time to enjoy yet - I will share them in the next ,post.


Jennifer said...

Christmas is for being with families, isn't it?

By Hoki Quilts said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one to find the past few days a bit of a blur - ours wasn't due to visitors though, more a nasty tummy virus. You did really well not to have too much waste from the fridge and with vege's that grow so huge you shouldn't have to do too much shopping for a wee while to come.
Happy New Year to you ; )
hugs - Miche'le

Janice said...

Your Christmas sounds wonderful. It is so special when family can gather together.

Shirley Goodwin said...

The vegetables look great, and a trip to the Mount is always fun. Best wishes for 2012.

Farm Girl said...

Love your family pics Ali, what a fantastic way to spend Christmas.
Great news that they have scored good jobs and close to you(well a lot closer than London anyway!)
Happy New Year to you all!