Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little Brooches.

I have now finished the 2nd little Christmas tree brooch. I got the idea from Jane's Blog and she got the idea from a magazine I have not heard of called Mollie Makes.
 Mine are probably smaller as they are for 2 little girls and my buttons seemed a bit dull, so having won a whole packet of very glittery little sequin type beads in our recent Chinese Auction at Club I used the bling instead.( use what you have on hand! )
 If you want to see how she did hers pop over and see. They just have a safety pin sewn to the back. As my felt already had iron on stabilizer on it ( from when I make my felt embroidered balls ) I didn't stuff mine. Also I was able to slip them inside a Christmas card to post so didn't need to make a parcel. They are actually more glittery than the photo shows.
The rain is holding up our work. R mowed where we were going to work this afternoon so the grass wasn't too long and wet but since then we have had another shower so the leaves are wet ( a large leaf can hold half a cup of water which usually aims straight for ones' neck )There is also an increased chance of the little fruit getting fungal disease.
 Sunshine NOW please.
 oh well there is always nuts to shell in the shed.


Molly said...

Those little brooches are so sweet! Clever you.....

Molly said...
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Jennifer said...

The brooches are a great idea! Cold water down my neck is not my idea of fun either.