Saturday, December 31, 2011

They said it Would RAIN!

       Having had lovely fine weather over Christmas, when the forecast said there was to be heavy rain, we believed them. ( past experience has seen us have massive downpours with lightning and thunder on New Years Eve . ) So we raced and got outside things done before it started. All the washing for one thing. The orchard sprayed and fish fert applied to the ground under the kiwifruit vines all happened Tuesday  or Wednesday. Garden jobs too. R put in a wooden  edging and topped up with soil around my 6 experimental yam plants.( beside the new grass. )( looking good above ground but too soon to be growing yams beneath - they take ages. )
 He also planted out the basil plants he grew from seed.(  for our big pesto making later on )
 I'm glad we did as it started to drizzle late Thursday and has rained ever since. In the last 24 hours we have had over 4" ( 113 mls ) and it is still going. So lots of umbrella use to pick veges, clear drains etc.

These Zantedeschia ( coloured arum lilies )were looking good 3 days ago but this morning had face planted into the ground so I went with a brolly and picked them ( then washed them clean and have them in a vase ).

Meanwhile inside it has been great reading, playing, cooking and sewing weather. I got the sewing machine back on my bench( it spent Christmas in the cupboard )and started catching up on my selvage blocks.

Here I am building ( putting together ) my orange; and pink ones with some aqua blues next. Each block when finished makes 2 blocks when made into 1/2 square triangles with the plain white. I have finished 7 colours ( = 14 blocks ) so far.( just laid on the floor. )

5 by 4 will still be a small single size quilt so I may decide to go larger. That will depend on the availability of selvages.

Wishing You All a Happy New Year.
May 2012 be a positive Year for You .


Andrea said...

Happy 2012 Ali - hope your year is filled with good things xx

Laurie said...

Oh yes it has rained and rained I am beginning to see the flooding on the lawns ... HAPPY NEW YEAR may be able to catch up one day soon...
hugs Laurie

Molly said...

Ali, if you need more selvages let me know! I always save them but don't think I'll ever make blocks from them.........

Jennifer said...

Best wishes to you to, Ali - I hope 2012 is a great year for you!

Françoise said...

Happy New Year Ali!
It's been raining here too. No snow yet this holiday season.
Love your selvage blocks.

Bela said...

Happy Bright New Year, dear Ali!!!! May 2012 be the best ever!!!!
Lots of kisses from Brasil!!!!

Farm Girl said...

Happy New Year Ali! And PLEASE send us some of that rain..... we are desperately needing some. Grass has stopped growing, crops just sown need a drink too - and I had to buy a tanker load of water on Friday!
Your selvedge blocks are growing, great colours.....
All the best for 2012 and thankyou for your blogging friendship in 2011.

Meggie said...

Wishing you a wonderful year for 2012. My eyes popped out with such envy of your beautiful Basil!!

Isabelle said...

We get badgers round quite a lot. You'll need to come and see us again and sit in the garden in the dark!