Saturday, March 10, 2012

Autumn Bulbs and Patchwork.

 These little Autumn Snowflakes ( Leucojum autumnale ) are about the smallest flower I have in my garden. ( compare the size to the geranium behind them .)

They have been here a long time and came by accident when years ago my late Mum gave me some of her little spider lily bulbs, that had come from the farm garden at Tutuaenui in the Rangitikei, ( where I lived as a child). The conditions obviously suit them because over the years they have multiplied. I could hardly complain that they take up too much space. ( they are white tinged with pink small bells on delicate stems just 4 - 6 inches high.The leaves are rush like. )
 A few posts back I showed a red Nerine up close. I have been picking these for in a vase. Up this bamboo fence in a messy part of the garden it gets very dry and is clay based. But the bulbs love it and because they get sun baked, which they like, they flower first. Some in other parts of the garden will flower over the next month so it gives on going colour. These in the photo are interspersed with orchid plants and some daffodil bulbs, so the different things flower at different times of the year.( just beyond this photo is where we have all the butternut squash and buttercup pumpkins growing on a big heap of composted wood chip - they are doing well and we have been using some.) The disaster this year has been the water melon. The plants rotted off just before the melons were ready so this is what the one I picked looked like. See the rot pits forming on the dark green skin area. What a disappointment V.
 Yesterday those who wished to, made mug rugs. One lady, a new member to our Patchwork and Quilting  Group  has never sewn anything patchwork before. Another  not a confident sewer had not made anything for months. She was able to take home her completed project , to give as a gift to her daughter and was pleased with herself.
M's mug rug had a certain Japanese look to it; it was  fabrics and colours she used. She has nice rings too doesn't she?

Percy Peacock has started taking dust baths.



Cottage Tails said...

I thought of you today walking down driveway - the first nerine is out, one of the bulbs you sent us.
Lovely to see your rows out. Sad about your watermelon!

Love Leanne

Molly said...

Percy looks very comfortable! I am constantly amazed at the monthly parade of flowers in your garden...
I'm starting to recognize the ladies in your sewing /quilting group! Mug rugs are great...all the fun of choosing fabrics and none of the long drawn out wait for a finished product!

Lídia said...

que lindo!!

Meggie said...

So glad I can't sleep, and came to visit you! Love seeing Percy there looking so chipper.
My brother told me tonight that they BOP is expecting hideous weather to come, so hope you are ok. No dust baths for Percy then. Maybe a mudbath?